Welcome to my BLOG 💕

Hello friends & family! 😊

 Welcome to my “Life with Cynthia” lifestyle blog! 💕

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Cynthia. And I’m currently a student at the California State University of Fresno, pursing an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, Marketing. I plan to, hopefully, graduate in the Spring of 2018. HALLELUJAH! 

School keeps me pretty busy most of the time, but that’s ok… Besides all the stress that comes from studying for exams, I secretly enjoy it. Along with school, you will usually find me at work. I am currently working at a local marketing firm in Fresno as a Marketing Assistant, where I am challenged with the day-to-day duties that comes with having an office position.

But enough about my professional life — when I’m not in school or work, I’m usually hanging out with my family, friends or my fiancé. With that being said, I am one of four siblings… I have three brothers and NO SISTERS, so yes, I am the only girl — my parents got so lucky with me (wink, wink). And yes, you read it right.. I’m engaged! My fiancé, Stephen and I, will be tying the knot in MAY of this year… WHAT?? But more details on that later….

SO, for those of you who DO know me, I’m sure you are all wondering why I’m starting this  blog… Well, its almost been a year now since I have been wanting to start a blog. And honestly, I haven’t really had the time to do it. HA, but I know what most of you are thinking…

“How does she even have the time to blog when she’s busier now than ever?” 

WELL, I have questioned that myself for some time now and thought… If not now, then when? Some of us, me included, tend to be so caught up with our everyday busy lives that we forget to stop and think about the things we WISH we could have time for. Reality is… we will never  have time, unless we make time. So let’s see how it goes for me! 😉

However, as a marketing student at Fresno State, I have been exposed to many opportunities that have allowed me to expand and grow in my career. For as long was I can remember, I have always had a eye for creativity and a passion to create relationships with people who share the same interests that I do. Being a marketing student has allowed me to do both. And what better way then to write about it and share it through a blog! Right? 🙃👌🏼

With that, I hope to create a blog thats filled with content that people will find useful… or simply be inspired by. So I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for supporting me and for reading. If you want to know more about my behind the scenes life, please stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts.

– oxox, Cynthia💕


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