Yes to BEER! 🍻🍻


Say YES to BEER! This past weekend, I had the opportunity to experience one of MANY of  Fresno’s amazing festivals. Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company’s annual FresYes Fest 2017 was a successful experience for me… and here’s why…


I, for one, am not much of a huge beer drinker… However, I did order myself a 99 Golden Ale… Which I very much enjoyed! The times that I do order an occasional beer, I do prefer light and wheat beers. In that case, the 99 Golden Ale was PERFECT. It was definitely a light and smooth beer, and had a very sweet flavor to it. For those of you who prefer light and sweet beers, I would  highly recommend  this one. Since the 99 Golden Ale holds grain ingredients, I was very appealed to the taste. Turns out that the 99 Golden Ale is a local beer and was crafted here in the San Joaquin Valley for the cities that are connected by the 99 Highway  in California (which is also where its name came from). SUPER COOL RIGHT? Along with my beer, I enjoyed a nice pepperoni pizza from Pizza Pit! To be quite honest, I’m not sure if I was just super hungry but that was the best pizza I’ve had in a while. Why have I not tried this pizza before??

After my pizza, I did a chance to check out some of the vendors that were there. One vendor that stood out to me most was a vendor called Buck Natural. It’s funny how I instantly gravitated towards that booth! Buck Natural is a company that sells homemade bath products for very, VERY affordable prices! (I do plan on talking more about them on another blog post, let me know if you guys are interested in knowing more about their products)

And what’s a festival without music?? Since we got to the festival around 1pm and left at 4pm, we were only able to hear two bands: Stoneshiver and The Box! Stoneshiver was great! For those of you who know me… you know that I enjoy anything that falls in the rock genre. Though, I wasn’t too familiar with this band before, I’m definitely going be hearing a lot more of them later.

However, a great festival is nothing without great company. I was accompanied by my fiancé, brother and a couple of my brothers friends  at the event. Needless to say, I was surrounded by great people! Of course, I do owe this entire experience to my brother… who, undoubedly never fails to invite me to these types of events. And to my amazing fiancé, Stephen, for always being so spontaneous and tagging along with me. But of course, he, more than any other person I know, absolutely loves beer… So I know he enjoyed the experience just as much as I did. Though, this was our first time attending the festival, there is no doubt that we will plan to come again next year! 👍🏼😊


**Thanks again for reading… Stay tuned for more!** 

– oxox, Cynthia 💕

#lifewithcynthia 🌸



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