Our Story ❤️ | Wedding Bells Series

 Hey friends! 💕

So it’s Wednesday… which means its time for a new Wedding Bells blog post! I thought I would start by talking about our story and how it all began. Hope you enjoy! ❤

How We Met 

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.25.22 PM.png

Stephen and I met at high school during his senior year and my freshman year, so about seven years ago. Its funny because it was actually around this time of the year that Stephen and I started talking, back when we were in the same yearbook class. It wasn’t until the last two months before Stephen’s high school graduation that we decided to pursue a relationship. Since Stephen was supposed to be graduating, we weren’t really sure how much time we would have together since he was moving to UC Davis. Because of that, we did our best to make the most of that summer. You know, ice cream dates, movies, picnics at the park and dancing at night while watching the stars — that summer was perfect. We’ve made some amazing memories since then.

“Lucky” Since 2010

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 12.50.41 AM.png

Stephen and I continued our relationship all through my high school and college education. During this time, he was completing his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering while I graduated high school and moved on to Fresno State to purse my bachelor’s degree in business. Though we threw around the “M” word a lot throughout the last seven years, it wasn’t until Stephen finally graduated in 2015 that we decided to take our relationship to the next level and get serious about our future.

The Proposal

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 1.07.55 AM.pngYes, I’ll admit… The “M” word was huge in our vocabulary the first couple of months we started dating but things didn’t get serious until years later. Stephen and I had planned to take a Europe trip during the summer of 2016 for his graduation celebration, however, things didn’t work out and we had to postpone the trip for Winter Break. Of course, many of you reading this did tell me that he would propose. Ha… WELL, turns out he did. And let me tell you, it definitely was a complete surprise, given the fact that Stephen made it clear that it wasn’t going to happen and the fact that we packed all our stuff together and he still managed to hide the ring so well. Ha. No pressure.

The proposal took place in Paris, France. Where a secret photographer was waiting to show us the beautiful city of Paris, while snapping our proposal photos… Thank you Bruno! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment. (Thank you for the memories, my love, @stephenavila92) 👍🏼❤️


Engagement Session-0049.jpg

Fast forward a year and half later…

We are happier than ever! The thing that I have learned from our engagement journey is that its NOT easy. I’ve learned that besides all the morals and values that Stephen and I share, we are, in a way, still two VERY different people. And that is OK! Our engagement has tested our patience with each other, time and TIME again. It has also shown us how to love and appreciate one and another. So yes, here I am, STILL falling more in love with Stephen every day. Growing together, in our faith and love. Making big life decisions together, like buying a house, 🏡 — we are making moves people! Its crazy that in just one month, we will set sail and our journey will begin. I can’t wait to see what our future holds in store for us! But until May…

I love you, my Afterman ❤️

**Thanks again for reading… until next Wednesday**

– oxox, Future Mrs. Avila💕


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