3 Reasons Why EVERYONE Should Watch “13 Reasons Why” ❤️


Hey friends,

I’m back with another blog post… This entire week, I have been very hesitate to talk about the Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why because it tends to be a very sensitive subject to talk about. But here we go…


Side Note: Before this show became a show… it was first a novel, written by Jay Asher. This show was actually produced my Selena Gomez and her mom, Mandy Teefey who purchased the rights of this book to film the show. — pretty neat, right? Well, this show has become a HUGE hit on Netflix and people have been going crazy over it. It’s actually a Netflix original series, so for those of you who don’t have Netflix… Do what I did and borrow someone’s account… Thank you to my brother’s friend 😉 I actually came across this show all thanks to my brother Rolando and my cousin, Jazmin — who just wouldn’t shut up about it… so I had to see if for myself.

So what is this show about? The show follows a boy, named Clay Jensen, who is given a box full tapes that have been previously recorded from his friend/classmate, Hannah Baker, who had committed suicide. In these tapes, she talks about people who brought her to eventually commit the suicide. In these tapes, she left specific instructions for those people to listen to them. So throughout the entire show, these people were trying to figure out why Hannah would leave these tapes and why she would lie about what had happened… And that’s all I’m going to say about that 😉

Because I am always so busy with work and school, I didn’t have much time to watch the show… But I did however manage to finish it in 3 days… Since then, I think its very important for everyone to watch this show, and here’s why…

1 – It tells the UGLY TRUTH

This show talks about all the ugly things that happens behind the scenes during a high school experience. It follows teenagers and their experience with parties, drug/alcohol abuse, bullying, suicide and more. After watching this show, it really got me thinking about whether or not I was ever bullied during my experience in high school. Those of you who knew me in high school, know that I was a total nerd and always tried to keep to myself… However, bullying comes in many forms… whether its verbal, physical or emotional. Truth is, these things (parties, drug/alcohol abuse, bullying and suicide) happen everywhere,  and can happen to anyone. The odds of it happening in your school at this very moment are VERY high. And sometimes, we are just unaware of it. Maybe like I was.

2 – Suicide is the SECOND LEADING cause of DEATH

YES! 13 Reasons Why talks all about Hannah’s decision on committing suicide and the things she had to endour. And for those in the ages of 18-24, suicide is the second leading cause of death. This is very alarming… and instantly sets off red flags to me. Its important for people to watch this show because its gives everyone an insight of what one person might be going through… even behind a smile. And maybe we, as a community, can all help to reduce that statistic.

3 – Spreads Awareness

My brother is actually a senior in high school and the fact that he was the one who convinced me to watch this show, really makes me proud. Its important, especially for him to watch this show and become more aware of these situations, and become aware that these things actually can happen. That way, he knows what to look for with people who have suicidal thoughts. Most of the time, we don’t know what other people are thinking or feeling. I think this shows provides a lot of signs that Hannah tried to give her parents and friends when she needed help but was never given the attention she needed. And maybe these signs are very similar to the signs that someone is trying to convey to you at your school.


Suicide. The word always seems to get people’s attention… However, its the actions and events that lead up to the suicide that seem to go unnoticed. I have yet to understand why we live in a society where bullying exists. We are not mind-readers and we don’t have to the right to know what people are thinking or feeling — or going through with their life, for that matter. I know it seems easy to judge (I do sometimes too) and say little jokes (to your friends)… but everyone is different, and people react differently to certain things that are being said (like me), and before you know it… someone can be suicidal because of what was said about them. Thats how you know that our society is so messed up, when we are the ones who are killing ourselves.

Disclaimer: by no means am I a suicide expert… But I do know people who have been suicidal and I know that I always need to make sure I have keep a close eye on those people. This show has really opened up my eyes to another world of reality that I have never experienced. But thats just the problem. Maybe if I was more aware, I could have helped someone who needed a friend. All I can do now is love those who love me and love those who NEED someone to love them. Since I’ve finished the first season of 13 Reasons Why, I made a promise to myself to never judge a book by its cover. I told myself to always be kind to anyone I meet and have a shoulder to cry on if anyone needed one. I know that there are times that I have been hurt… Hurt by people who I love. But even then, we have to learn from it and try to look past it.

“Forgive those who hurt you, but NEVER forget the pain they caused you” – me

Yes, thats from me. Thats the modo that I gave myself. And if I could give any form of advice to those of you who are reading my blog… is to always be kind. Be there for your friends, for your family. You never know what they are possibly going through… And who knows, maybe you can save a life. A little act of kindness can change the world.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to ME if you ever need a friend… but until next time…

**Thanks again for reading… Stay tuned for more!** 

– oxox, Cynthia 💕

#lifewithcynthia 🌸

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